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Haining Yuanhang Industry Co., Ltd. is located in China Warp Knitting Sci-tech Park in Maqiao Town of Haining city, which is known as "Capital of Leather Garments" in Zhejiang, China. Next to Shanghai-Hangzhou Double Line (East-West Avenue), Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway, Hangpu Expressway, Shanghai-Hangzhou High-speed Railway, and only 80km from Shanghai, 60km from Hangzhou and 100km from Ningbo, our company enjoys good location.
With an occupied floor area of over 18,000 sq. meters, and armed with world-leading KARL MAYER high-speed warping equipments as well as modern management system and strict Q.A. system, our company is specialized in the processing, manufacturing and trade of various warp-knitting fabrics and finished products: Spandex Super-soft, Crystal Super-soft, Lisi velvet, Poly spun velour, Super-soft velvet, Short floss, Dull velvet, Cotton imitation velvet, Clinquant velvet, Silk flannelette, Micro-suede fabric, Speckled velvet, corduroy and Loop velvet, which have been widely used in clothing, home textiles, decorative cloths, sofas and toys, and are well sold in China, Japan, South Korea, Europe and USA, etc.

Warping workshop

Warping workshop

Weaving workshop

Weaving workshop



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The company is committed to improving product quality, adhering to the "integrity management, quality first" principle, sincerely invite new and old customers at home and abroad to visit, cooperate and exchange.


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